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Allelopathy links

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This site has numerous links to various places! check it out!
Tektran is a division of the US Department of Agriculture. This site provides a searchable index. There is alot of information on allelopathy.
Allelopathic Interactions
Matthew Carroll, a Colorado University student, examines the differences between natural selection and alleopathic plants. Also examines vegetative patterns and ecological influences
How plants gaurd their personal space with poison. A great beginners guide to allelopathy. The who, what, where, when, why, and how of allelopathy is discussed here.
Allelopathy Research at the University of Savoie
Dr. Francois Pellissier gives the basics on allelopathy. Current lab projects done by he and his staff are overviewed. This site also contains allelopathic links.
Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System
This site is posted by D.J. McPherson of the University of Florida. Allelopathy in citrus weed management is a topic here. The site is searchable and provides a wealth of information.
International Rice Research Institute
This institute is based in the Philippines. Site contains information on allelopathic effects that rice on aquatic weeds. Abstracts of the reaseach being done around the world can be seen here.
The American Society of Plant Physiologists
This page gives detail of the allelopathic potential of leaf decomposition. The seasonal allelopathic effects of leaf extracts on wheat germination and coleoptile length also discussed. Searchable
Tel Aviv University
The Dept. of Plant Sciences here conducted a study to establish the occurrence of allelopathic effects amoung submerged and floating hydrophytes. The study determines the intensity of allelopathy
Allelochemicals as Substitutes
Plants produce chemicals that directly or indirectly influence the environment. These chemicals are called allelochemicals. Reasearch of replacing allelochemicals for synthetic organic pesticides
Seperation of Allelopathy
A summery of an experiment done to seperate allelopathy from resourse competition. Study shows the interactions between Scotts Pine and Boreal Dwarf Shrub. Shows growth retarding factors of S.Pine
Mizutani Plant Ecochemicals
The term allelopathy refers to the harmful and benicical effects plant chemicals have.Research has found interactions between plants and microorganisms. Physilogical effects of allelochemicals.
Allelopathic Chemicals
Allelopathic chemicals from Lantana camara are able to repel other plants. Effects Lantana camara had on foliar leachates. Using liquid chromatography, the extracts causing the effect were identified.
Wye College, University of London
Contains various studies on allelopathy. reasearch ofn the way to apply allelopathy on yield and quality maximums. Site contains numerous studies being done.
First World Congress on Allelopathy
Site of the First World Congress of Allelopathy. The Internationl Allelopathy Society meets to share information on allelopathy. Contains program overview and the list of speakers.
Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre
A very extensive page, contains information and links about allelopathy. Information on allelopathy as a weed killer.This site is searchable.

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